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Welcoming all Self-Expressing, People-Accepting, Artisans & Curators to join our community of Festival Lovers from around the world 

Retail Vendors 

Retail Vendors sell unique creations and curated pieces for festival lovers, ravers and alternative style. Pieces include crystals, clothing, accessories, flowtoys, art, natural beauty and health products, home goods and more. List pieces as made-to-order, custom, eco-friendly, ready-to-ship, vegan, & more.

Wholesale Vendors 

Vendors geared towards wholesale can create discounts for bulk orders. Offer handmade and curated pieces for festival lovers, ravers and alternative style. Wholesale buyers for boutiques and e-commerce sites can easily filter for made-to-order and ready-to-ship wholesale items.

Service Vendors 

Offer festival related services such as flowarts & yoga lessons, health assessments, tarot readings and more. Service Vendors can choose to set up one-on-one and/or group session either in-person or online. Buyers can easily filter for in-person or online appointments.

Become a FestivalBazaar Retail, Wholesale and/or Service vendor to get all of the community benefits.

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US-Based Vendors

Commission Rate


Includes transaction fees from paypal/stripe, FestivalBazaar commission, and a donation to charity. Payout fee is not included. US vendors have the option of check payouts for a flat rate of $1.50;  paypal payouts charged at 3% or transferwise. Transferwise has significantly lower payout fees. Learn more about Transferwise fees in this article or fee calculator.

Sign up for Transferwise here for a free transfer of up to £500 


Non-US Vendors

Commission Rate

Commission fee includes transaction fees from paypal/stripe, FestivalBazaar commission, and a donation to charity. Payout fee is not included. 

Non-US Vendors have the option of transferwise or  paypal payouts (charged at 3%). Learn more about Transferwise fees in this article or fee calculator.

.5 % Donated to Charity

Festivalbazaar donates 0.5% of all sales to charity. Drop by the Charity Section of our blog and let us know what causes you'd like us to support on your behalf! 

Secure Transactions. PCI-Compliance. Credit/Debit cards are not stored on All transactions processed through FestivalBazaar are managed by Paypal or Stripe Payment Services. 

FestivalBazaar donates and works on the community's behalf. We strive to get our vendors the most for the least and we're not stopping here.

FestivalBazaar Vendor Features 

  • Trade: FestivalBazaar encourages all vendors to trade with each other! Vendors can trade items at no cost except shipping. FestivalBazaar does not take a commission and payment processors cannot. 

  • Email marketing: Automated email marketing captures lost revenue and has a greater impact on sales than social media. The average return is $44.25 for every $1 invested. On behalf of the community, FestivalBazaar creates & sends vendor news & discounts. 

  • Referrals- Share & Earn: When a referral makes a purchase using a referral link, both the referrer and referral will receive credit towards their next purchase. FestivalBazaar covers the cost, so vendors don’t lose any money on their products while still benefiting from increased sales.

  • SEO: When items and services are as unique as those offered by FestivalBazaar vendors, it’s easy to come out on top of search results and get that high ranking on google. Festivalbazaar has made it even easier with areas for meta tags and descriptions. 

  • Wallet: The wallet stores money from sales and can be used for promotions and purchases. Vendors can setup an email alert to make sure the balance doesn’t drop below a certain amount. Vendors, who have trouble setting aside money for taxes, are encourage to use the wallet for safe-keeping tax payment.   

  • Promotions: Each year, FestivalBazaar plans to highlight each vendors on a homepage slide. Vendors interested in extra promotion can use the Promotions tab in the vendors dashboard to create a posting, vendor’s tent, or banner promotion.

The FestivalBazaar Team

FestivalBazaar is great for those, who have recently changed their path and decided to start a business. Think of FestivalBazaar as vendor team members. We’re the developers, marketers, content creators, and data analyst in your company. In the future, we hope to also be legal & tax advisers. 

  • Developer: By opening up your own vendor tent in our virtual bazaar, you can avoid domain fees, tech support, server & hosting costs. FestivalBazaar handles the development, so vendors don't have to worry about configuring DNS records, connecting a server to a domain, or even setting up email marketing. We’ve taken care of all that and more, so vendors can focus on their pieces & services. 

  • Marketer: The FestivalBazaar marketing strategy began long before we opened our virtual gates. We’ve been collecting email addresses and growing our social media platforms for years. All in order to drive interested people to our small community of festival vendors. Our goal is for our vendors to grow and thrive. We're the Social Media Marketers, Email Marketers and influencers and bloggers on your team.  

  • Content Creators: FestivalBazaar has in-house stylists, shoot producers and photographers as well as a network of influencers, makeup artists, and videographers, who assist in content creation. The purpose of content creation is to expand the marketing reach of vendors through social media post sharing, influencer pairing and photo/video shoot collaborations. The result is increased reach, clicks and ultimately sales.

  • Data Analyst: In the Vendor Dashboard, FestivalBazaar tracks and reports total sales, total orders, and the total quantity of items sold. See how much you sold compared to last month or last season. Export product data to see how many times your postings were viewed and sold. Under PPC insights, find out how many people clicked your shop, items, or banner promotions. With this data, vendors can compare different promotions to determine the most effective marketing content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see the question you're looking for? For in-depth vendor tutorials on setting up a vendor tent and listing retail and wholesale products and services, check out the help section of our blog. 

Can I become a festivalbazaar vendor?

FestivalBazaar is a small but growing community of festival lovers, ravers and alternative styles. Our vendors' creations, curations and/or up-cycled pieces serve these lifestyles with unique and extraordinary pieces or services. Those who come through our virtual gates, come as they are. So FestivalBazaar invites all those who are passionate about self-expression to join the community.   

What do I need to open a tent?

Vendors need 4 things to set up their vendor tent: business name (same as username), address, tax id, and payout information. The Tax number, which is used when vendors sell over 20,000 USD on 200 or more orders in a year, can be either a SSN or an EIN number. Us vendors, who choose payouts via checks must provide their full name as it appears on their checking account. Checks will be mailed to the address provided. US vendors, who choose payouts via paypal, and Non-US vendors must provide their paypal email address. 

How do I get featured on festivalBazaar social media?

By joining,, vendors gain all of the benefits of the community. One way we help is by expanding marketing reach through social media post sharing, influencer pairing, and content creation. Our collaborations are mutually promotional and encourage increased reach, clicks and ultimately sales. Head over to the Community Connection Section of our blog to learn more about community organized collaborations and sign up for our Collaboration Email List for more info on FestivalBazaar organized collaborations. 

Can vendors create coupons?

Vendors can create and prioritize coupons as well as wholesale discounts during or after setting up the product or service. Create a wholesale discount under the Qty Discount tab of Products or Services Setup. Create a coupon under the Special discount tab. For more info visit the Products or Services Setup Tutorial.  

How can I organize a Community Connection?

There are two types of community connections: Meet-ups & Trade-based Collaborations. Meet-ups can be neighborhood flow jams or special volunteer projects. All meet-ups are free to participate or trade-based. No money, no worries. Festival lovers, vendors, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists can come together to create a trade-based collaboration like we organize at FestivalBazaar. The purpose of these collaborations is to increase marketing reach, followers and sales. To organize your own community connection, drop us a comment on our meet up blog or collaboration blog. Let us know what you're interested in organizing and where you're based. We'll create a new blog post highlighting your project and spread the word by marketing it to our social media followers and interested newsletter subscribers. We'll ask those interested to comment on the related blog post. 

How does trade work?

Create a vendor account and list the item or service you would like to trade. Use the search bar or side bar to filter to products and services listed as available for products and/or service trade inquiries. Send the vendor a proposal via messages. Once an agreement has been reached, each vendor should manually adjust their inventory and ship the product. FestivalBazaar does not take a commission nor do the payment processors. Read more about trade in the FestivalBazaar help section of our Blog. 

Have more questions?

For vendor tutorials, check out the tutorial section of our blog. For collaboration inquiries, media inquiries, & technical support, reach out to the FestivalBazaar team below. 

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