An Uncommon Place for the Commonly Weird 

How it works

FestivalBazaar is a small but growing community of festival lovers. We obsess over the usual and think self-expression is best when an accepting & encouraging community comes together. So we built an uncommon place for the commonly weird- a virtual bazaar for festival lovers to connect and to buy, sell, trade, teach and learn all things festival!

Find & offer all kinds of unique creations, curated pieces, and recycled festival gear like:

clothing, accessories, flowtoys, health & beauty products, crystals, art, home goods and more.

For more on the kind of stuff & styles offered at FestivalBazaar, check out our Instagram.

Community Connection

Jump over to our blog and check out the community connection section. There are two types of community connections:

1. Meet ups

Organize a neighborhood flow jam or ask the community to come together for a special project. All meet ups are free to participate or trade-based. No money, no problem.

2. Trade-based Collaborations

Festival lovers, vendors, photographers, videographers, makeup artists and hair stylists can come together to create a trade-based collaboration like we organize at FestivalBazaar. The purpose of these collaborations is to create content and mutually promote all involved in order to increase marketing reach, followers, & sales. (See more in the vendor section below.)

How Community Connection Works

Drop a comment on our meet up blog or trade-based collaboration blog. Let everyone know what your interested in organizing and where you’re based. We’ll use these comments to write new blog posts for each city and/or project. Then we’ll spread the word by marketing it to our social media followers and interested newsletter subscribers. We’ll ask that anyone interested in participating comment on the related blog post.


Buyers can browse the virtual bazaar and remember their favorite items and shops. When signed in to the buyer dashboard, click the heart icon (on mobile) or favorite products ( on desktop) to see the products you’ve saved.  Buyers can also see their favorite shops and products in the cart, when the cart is empty. Use the search bar to find exactly what you need whether it’s a toroflux or unicorn headdress.

Festival lovers will appreciate the ability to buy services like hoop lessons, tarot readings, yoga classes, and more. One-on-one and group sessions will be available in-person & online (via skype).  


Festival Lovers can be vendors too. Have festival tickets or outfits you love but can’t use? Open a vendor tent and look for a Festival Lover to trade with. FestivalBazaar hopes that by encouraging trade, the community can improve the sustainability of fashion.

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For tutorial help, check out our buyer manual for festival lovers!

Wholesale Buyers

Buyers can easily search through vendors that offer wholesale discounts. Search results can be filtered by wholesale only; by vendors who offer made-to-order wholesale items or wholesale on in-stock or dropship items.

For tutorial help, check out our manual for wholesale buyers!


Our goal is to help vendors grow their craft into a trade because we believe that Mom and Pop style Businesses are the future of sustainable fashion. We believe that the world can be a less wasteful place through trade and up-cycling and that by knowing the creator or curator, the piece becomes more intrinsically valuable. We hope to inspire the passionate to follow their dreams, because we believe the world is a happier place when we love what we do.

FestivalBazaar is great for those, who have recently changed their path and decided to start a business.

No need for a developer

By opening up your own vendor tent in our virtual bazaar, you can avoid domain fees, server & hosting costs. If you don’t have a developer, it can be tricky to build a website, configure DNS records to connect it to a domain, or even setup email marketing. But we’ve taken care of all that and more, so vendors can focus on their pieces & services. (See other features below.)  

There are two types of vendors:

1. Product Vendors sell unique creations and curated pieces like crystals, clothing, accessories, flowtoys, art, natural beauty and health products, home goods and more. Vendors can list stocked items or custom orders. Vendors geared towards wholesale can create discounts for bulk orders.

2. Service Vendors offer festival related services such as yoga lessons, health assessments, dance and hoop classes, tarot readings and more. Vendors can choose to set up one-on-one and/or group session either in-person or online.


Vendor Features


FestivalBazaar encourages all vendors to trade with each other! Instead of exchanging money, members can trade items at no cost except shipping. FestivalBazaar does not take a commission and payment processors cannot. Find out more about How to Trade.

2. Tools to Grow you Business:

FestivalBazaar offers a range of Marketing & Business Management Tools.


Marketing Tools

The FestivalBazaar marketing strategy began long before we opened our virtual gates. We’ve been collecting email addresses and growing our social media platforms for years. All in order to drive interested people to our small community of festival vendors. Our goal is for our vendors to grow and thrive. Here are some of the tools to do so:

Email marketing

Automated email marketing captures lost revenue and has a greater impact on sales than social media. The average return is $44.25 for every $1 invested. On behalf of the community, FestivalBazaar creates & sends abandoned cart emails, vendor news & discounts. Watch for our emails as we’ll periodically ask for updates to share with Festivalbazaar newsletter subscribers.

Trade-based Collaborations

FestivalBazaar helps vendors expand their marketing reach through social media post sharing, influencer pairing and content creation. Our collaborations are mutually promotional and encourage increased reach, clicks and ultimately sales. Head over to the Community Connection Section of our blog to learn more about community organized collaborations and sign up for our Collaboration Email List for more info on FestivalBazaar organized collaborations.

Referrals: Share & Earn

Both vendors and buyers can act as referrals. When a referral makes a purchase using a referral link, both the refferer and referral will receive a credit towards their next purchase. FestivalBazaar covers the cost, so vendors don’t lose any money on their products while still benefiting from increased sales.


Each year, we want to highlight each of vendors on the homepage slides. Watch for our emails and respond when you fit any of our upcoming themes.

Vendors interested in extra promotion can use the Promotions tab in the vendors dashboard to create a posting, vendor’s tent, or banner promotion.


When items and services are as unique as those offered by FestivalBazaar vendors, it’s easy to come out on top of search results and get that high ranking on google. Just add your vendor title and description as the meta tag and meta description for your vendor’s tent and use the posting title and description as the meta tag and description for item and service postings. For more info on SEO and what it’s good for, read our blog.


Business Management Tools

As the FestivalBazaar community grows, FestivalBazaar will be able to offer more and more tools to aid vendors. Think of FestivalBazaar as vendor team members. We’re the data analyst, marketers, content creators, and developer in your company. In the future, we hope to also be legal & tax advisers. Let us know how else we can help, reach out on the contact us page!


In the Vendor Dashboard, quickly view total sales, total orders, and the total quantity of items sold. See how much you sold compared to last month or last season. Vendors can also export product data to see how many times your postings were viewed and sold.

PPC insights

Find out click rates for how many people clicked your shop, items, or banner promotions. With this data, vendors can compare different promotions to determine the most effective marketing content.

Wallet: Save for Taxes

The wallet is used to store money for promotions and vendors can setup an email alert to make sure the balance doesn’t drop below a certain amount. Vendors, who have trouble setting aside money for taxes, are encourage to use the wallet for safe-keeping tax payment. Request a withdrawal two weeks before you plan to pay your taxes. Add money into the wallet using PayPal.  

Ship Station

We are currently integrating Ship Station and hope to deploy this feature by end of year. Vendors in the U.S., U.K., & Australia can use the festivalbazaar ship station account to easily print labels, ship orders, and track shipments. Shipping cost is deducted from vendor payout.  


U.S. Vendors

7.7% commission fee for all listings:

Commission fee includes transaction fee by Stripe or Paypal, Festivalbazaar commission and 0.5% charity donation made by FestivalBazaar on community’s behalf.

Payout fee: U.S. Vendors that accept checks will be charged a flat rate of $1.50. When payout requests are over $50, it will be cheaper to request check payouts. Please note that you must set your payout method. This method will be used for all payouts. If you want to permanently change your payout method, please get in touch with the festivalbazaar team. (Please fill out your full name as it appears on your checking account when setting up your vendor virtual tent.)  

Non-US vendors

7.7% commission fee for all listings:

Includes transaction fee by Stripe or Paypal, 3% Festivalbazaar commission and 0.5% charity donation made by FestivalBazaar on community’s behalf.

Payout fee: Non-US Vendors have the option to take payouts via Paypal or Transferwise. Payout fee's will be deducted from the payout. Paypal’s fee equals 4.4% + $0.30 and additionally there is a currency conversion fee set by paypal’s banking partners. Paypal estimates this fee to be 2.5%.  

Transferwise has significantly lower payout fees. Learn more about Transferwise fees in this article or fee calculator.

Sign up for Transferwise here for a free transfer of up to £500 

We’re always open to feedback from the community, if you have an alternative suggestion for payout from the U.S. to your country, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Supported Countries

We can currently support international vendors in countries supported by our payment providers (stripe & PayPal). Pease visit to view supported countries.


Festival Bazaar is a team of festival lovers who believe in the power of communities. For us, giving back to the community is essential to finding happiness. We’re determined to support those people who strive to carve their own path. We believe there is meaning behind why we’re drawn to festivals and that purpose lies outside of the 9-to-5 realm. When a community comes together, we can create a new cultural norm based on fulfilling passions and mutual support.

Giving Back

Festival Bazaar is committed to giving back to the community. 0.5% of every sale goes to charity. Let us know who you’d like to donate to and see who others suggest in the charity section of our blog.  

We would also like to give back to the festival bazaar community. In the future, we would like to offer additional services and financial support for members to grow their businesses.


Contact Us  

Have questions about the site or want to contribute? Contact us via the link in the footer. Sign up for our Collaboration Email List.