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Fantasy EDM Festival & Rave Gear
Fantasy EDM Festival & Rave Gear
Fantasy EDM Festival & Rave Gear (Opened on Dec 26, 2018 )

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I’m Lindsey Nicholas the in house designer and founder at Fantasy EDM Gear, an online Festival and Rave clothing shop.
My mission is to design the most uniquely vivid positive vibe bespoke festival and rave clothing out there and to help people feel inspired and uplifted from wearing unique apparel. I believe positive clothes make for a positive mind.
Fantasy EDM Gear is a proudly home-grown brand based in Manchester, UK.
Fantasy EDM / Festival / Rave apparel lines include Unisex Hoodies, Fashion Leggings, Tank Tops, Sherpa Fleece Hooded Blankets, Light Up Shoes, EDM Dresses and so much more.
All designs are limited edition pieces and are unbelievably comfortable and made with love.
Choose from a range of fantasy Unicorn and Mermaid prints or get trippy with my psychedelic wearable art prints.
I print on demand and have the apparel made at my manufacturers in the USA, sourcing the best quality materials, guaranteed not to fade, peel or crack.
Find your perfect look, stand out and above all express yourself and be unique!
We love to hear feedback and ideas, so please do contact us. And don’t forget to Instagram your pics of yourself looking totally awesome in #fantasyedmgear!

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