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Content Creator Ambassador Program

As a Content Creator Ambassador, you are not an employee of FestivalBazaar, though you are a representative of the community.

As an ambassador, you’ll represent the community in the following ways:

1. Be informed and supportive of our goals and vision for the future! Learn more about us.

2. Spread the word whenever you can! IRL. Virtually. Wherever! (Check out our site map to see category and vendor lists.)

3. Create and share content, which directs festival lovers, ravers, and alternative beings to the vendor tents within our virtual bazaar,

What We’re Looking For:

1. An engaged following. You don’t have to have a large following! We’re looking for people with engaging content, comments related to the post, and who respond to their comments (within reason). People, who can spark a conversation, enjoy engaging with their followers, and have at least an 8% engagement rate.  

Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments + Saves)/Followers

2. People with a love for #festival, rave, and/or alt fashion.

3. People who enjoy creating and publishing content.

Content Creation Types & Examples

1)Videos used for IGTV and/or Youtube

-How to style a piece (for every day, for different festivals, different occasions, etc)

-3 Ways to style piece (could include product review)

-MU Tutorial (#festivalmakeup #darkmakeup #colourfulmakeup #creativemakeup)

2) Photos

-Storytelling photos/location-based photos that highlight the piece(s)

-Photos at festivals (ideally open air, day festivals)

-Studio photos with colorful backgrounds to use for website product shots (styled pieces on people not mannequins)

3) Blog Post

Original blog with photos to be published on our blog OR on your blog if the audience is relevant to @festivalbazaar and has a greater reach.  

-How to style a piece (for different festivals, for special occasions, everyday wear, etc.)

-3 ways to style piece (include product review and link)

Ambassador Gifts


In order to create content, spread the word and to start earning rewards, FestivalBazaar will gift you merchandise, which you’ve requested. (See Step 2 under Join the FestivalBazaar Squad.)

2.Earn rewards

Add a referral link to your IG bio, youtube description, blog posts, twitter, facebook, Pinterest board, etc. to earn rewards on each purchase. After the purchase through your referral link, your friend and you will earn $5 in reward points. Reward points can be accumulated in order to receive more free merch. Hopefully creating a sustainable income of free merch for you!! Learn more about & sign up for the referral rewards program.

3. Promotion

When sharing content you created we will tag you!

Minimum Obligations

1. Create content that highlights all free merch sent to publish on Instagram and/or Youtube and share with FestivalBazaar.  

2. Put referral link in IG bio link when sharing content to Instagram. (Put in youtube description when sharing to youtube) Or all the time :)

3. Tag @festivalbazaar and promote Vendor Tents within in IG caption (or youtube description).


-Send content to us before publishing. (Email or Send via Instagram DM to @festivalbazaar) If you’re chosen to be an ambassador, we will agree on a timeline before shipping.


-Must be 18

-Please do not post referral link to @festivalbazaar social media

-Does not need to be a public account, but must be ok with us resharing your photos/videos to our public account


The Ambassador program goal is to help spread the word about our new community. The program is promotional and not necessarily permanent.

Reward points expire after 90 days.

Affiliate Program

When you have reached a certain number in order sales, we will notify you that you are able to sign up for the affiliate program to earn a commission on each sale. If you prefer, you can remain an ambassador instead.

Affiliates will earn half of the FestivalBazaar Commission fee (different from the transaction fee for payment services and the donation). FestivalBazaar takes 3% so the

Affiliates will earn 1.5% of each sale.

Affiliates can request to withdraw this money. The money does not expire.

Join the FestivalBazaar Squad

If interested in applying for the ambassador program, please

  1. Create a Patron Account
  2. Visit FestivalBazaar and favorite your top three pieces, which you would like to be gifted as an ambassador. Read more on How to Favorite a Listing FestivalBazaar will review your requests after you’ve completed the next step.
  3. Fill out this 10-question survey
  4. Add @festivalbazaar to your Instagram Bio (not required, but definitely appreciated!)

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our community! We will do our best to get back to everyone that applies by mid-March.

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