An Uncommon Place for the Commonly Weird 

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The Birth of FestivalBazaar: An Uncommon Place for the Commonly Weird 

A step through the virtual gates  

Many of those that find their way to Festivalbazaar pop over from our social media. (Though all are welcome ;) Our Instagram, @Festivalbazaar, was created 4 years ago but the dream of opening FestivalBazaar began even earlier. The dream is to create a festival for in-between festivals; to create a virtual space for festival lovers to connect in a self-made community. A place for fire-breathers and yoga instructors to hold intimate classes. A place where hoop tricks can spread like the wind. And good vibes hang in the air because a strong community collaborates, trades and builds itself through the growth of individuals. Festival bazaar is a place to find your next festival outfit, but it’s also a place to revere the weird. 

From heady art to experimental clothing, Festival Bazaar has always sought out the extraordinary. Those curious about their future can seek answers from tarot readers or make health plans with a holistic healer. Get lost in crystal collections and find yourself through spiritual guidance. Vintage curators and unusual artisans are among those vending through Festival Bazaar. Seek a vendor whose creations express your voice, request a piece be made-to-order, or fill your basket with ready-to-ship pieces. 



Festivalbazaar Vendor Types 

Those who enter the bazaar will come across two types of tents. One of them marks wholesale vendors, the other marks products and service vendors. With a click of a filter (in the sidebar), bazaar visitors can travel down wholesale alley where all the vendors cater to wholesale buyers. One day this alley will be huge as small artisans build their craft into a trade. 

But in the end, Festival Bazaar is just framework for the members of the community. It’s up to those that enter the bazaar to make of it as they like. Will it be a last reserve to buy or sell festival tickets? Or a place to trade hoop lessons for festival wear? Maybe it will be a retreat from the midweek grind? Or a vital source of charity to the community? It can be all of these things or none of them. It’s what you will make of it. 


FestivalBazaar Burner Style


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